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Kagwe Mungai...Adorable right?

Okay so last friday I heard fununu’z (grapevine gossip) that the adorable (I know this is sad word to call a man but i’ve been having a very unimaginative vocab. lately ) Kagwe Mungai was releasing a jam at the Vineyard which is a super chill place in  Westlands, Nairobi.
Since I had heard awesome reviews of the place before I figured I had nothing to lose so I composed a long ass email and sent it out to invite a few people to accompany me.
We reached, bought a fleet of cocktails to last us for a bit and start doing the head bob we all do to our favorite songs before the alcohol checks in and the ridiculous dance moves start popping up, oh and occasionally throwing in a couple of words in between head bobs probably from a rap verse to show how cool you are…I mean a girl who listens to hip-hop is super ideal right?
No. Its not but thats for another day.
So by now am sure you can notice how the night was going right? Amazing!
We had sat immediately under the Dj area so the music was stupid loud. When any of my friends tried to talk to me I would just sign I couldnt hear so they could stop trying to force conversation and leave me to listen to the awesome old-school jams being mixed.

Fast-forward to two hours later, we are outside being feasted on by mosquitoes on a deck that was practically falling apart, seated on seats with buttholes in them. Yes buttholes. Holes that your butt sinks into…*Sigh* The struggle. Wondering how my dumb-ass got in this situation? Well Its a long story involving man-boys, bitter drinks and stale conversations.

Anyway, My adorable Kagwe Mungai walked in, performed, and walked out and I wasnt anywhere in the vicinity. I was busy, outside, figuring out which would be the fastest ways to kill myself.

Probably by now your wondering why you read through all this and didnt get to read a review?
Well clearly I dont have adequate information since i wasnt there, and….wait you know, I won’t explain myself, thats what i do! Jot down a topic, tell myself that i will stick to it but end up straying and writing something totally different.
So yeah am sorry…its a condition or something.
*walks away feeling defeated*


Nah am too cool to feel defeated so I decided I’d rather pull a Fela Kuti and walk away looking like I have freshly waxed pits.
Kwaheri Peoples!


Free pass to the VEVE Movie Premier!

I recently went for a movie launch at the Junction for a local movie on Thursday 28th 2014 called Veve which is slang for Miraa or Khat.
Firstly i would like to say that i was having a pretty horrid day before this event so when time to leave for the event reached i made a sprint exit out the door papers flying, hands waving & the works…okay it might have not been this dramatic but believe me it felt like it.
Okay back to the premier. When we reached we were met by a large pool of people standing in the middle of the mall looking all polished and structured. Women had whipped their red lipstick on, Men their favourite cologne. I immediately knew that my day was making a turn for the better. Being among creatives and friends of after a day spent with my fellow zombie bankers is all i could ask for to recharge my already dead and chewed batteries. We had a few issues since we had no tickets but the heavens noticed that they could not put me through anymore torture and we got free tickets in! *YAY US*
This movie was written by Natasha Likimani & Directed Simon Mukali. I will be very vague since the movie is showing in cinemas in September so given how i hate spoilers, i will in the same spirit withhold from being one.
The ups:
The actors were really good and took up thier roles very well. I was pretty impressed by the role of Kenzo and the actor who played the role just brought his character to  life.
Emorugene is his name. His character is very intense. In normal life he would be the quiet dude who sits alone and stares at people, has few or no friends, always withdrawn and a little creepy, the guy who you’re probably scared to be alone with because you will either have painfully ‘cricket moment’ filled conversations or he will just outright get up and stab you. That’s the Kenzo character or at least what i took up. But in usual life the guy described above is usually a weird guy who girls most of the time have no affinity to. Well not Kenzo, His character is sexually charged and his mysterious character
worked to increase this particular factor. Emorugene is certainly not a Brad Pitt look alike, his looks are far from polished, but he had a Khal Dhrogo (game of thrones) vibe to him that made girls fan themselves anytime his scene came on. He looks like the guy who can rip a man’s heart, eat half of it and to show his sensitive side he would wrap the other side in a bow and give it to you in a bid to show you that you’re his other half. No? Well at least you now know how my fantasies look like *grin*
Lizz Njagah(Esther) was also great! She played the good wife character very well. Her chemistry with Emorugene was very evident and made the movie even more captivating. There’s nothing as annoying as no chemistry between two people who are meant to act like they got it. It becomes a burden to the actors themselves and to us since we have to watch you painfully try to act like you actually like/love each other…and trust me it’s a sad sad thing.
The last scene when she beats down walls to rescue her man was pretty good and believeable plus a great balance to the timid and obedient character she was playing all along. Hats off to her!
Lowry Adhiambo (Amos) I am not sure if it’s the fact that the character was not meant to be a likeable one but i felt that he might have not fit totally into the role. Some parts were a bit to robot like for me, like plain words. I didn’t feel his presence in some of the scenes as much as much as some of the other characters.
Conrad Makeni (Sammy) He was also quite good. His father role especially was very gripping and emotionally involving. You could actually feel his hurt as he was watching his son slip into the evils that he could not just shake off. I must admit i got a little teary-eyed…Not because I have daddy issues which I DON’T HAVE but due to the fact that *Violin strings start* i have volunteered quite a bit and i have seen how bad decisions young people make really tear down their family emotionally and this was such a situation. *violin strings stop*
Kago without needs to say much was a brilliant druggie and thief.
Overall i think this movie was great. The only negative sides were the fact it might have ended a bit too abruptly and left me asking questions about different characters stories.
There were a lot of subtitles in it …like a Bollywood movie which made me not focus on looking at the people saying those lines but more of staring at the bottom of the screen.  This was a bummer for me in particular since am a huge fan of facial expression and body language so i ended up having to choose either one between scenes or wishing i was cock-eyed. Okay that was a bad joke and I’m sorry if I have any cock-eyed readers. Occasionally my eye tends to wander too so i can partially relate.  *grins*
Anyway this is a definitely a movie to watch and to watch out for!
I give it a seven and a half outta ten since i think it’s a hella cool movie!
Lovely Production from One day films & GingerInk!


My first post!


Am Angela. As long as you’re not referring to grave issues that include life and death situations i usually just go by Angie. I am a serious observer of nothing and everything in the urban hemisphere hence the name UrbanEyezD (Eyes being the point of focus)!

I don’t like first blog posts. I think they put unnecessary pressure on the blogger given the fact that they are a free token for your readers to judge whether your blog is worth reading or not…oh and don’t forget the ‘this is the best time your given to leave a lasting impression’ advice. Its like the dreadful feeling you get when you walk into an interview room full of senior experts with a list of long accomplishments judging your every move. No, and the worst part isn’t done yet! The worst thing about first blog posts is that they are so nerve wrecking and sadly the only people who read it are you and probably a family member who you force to sit and read it (while giving them the stink eye in case of bad comments) so you can at least have a few numbers on your stats bars in order to convince yourself you’re not a total loser.

Well I wont put myself through that! I, on the other hand will congratulate myself for finally starting this blog which I honestly kept pushing due to widely known and accepted reasons (I will let your mind run free on that). I think this will be a journey and for now I would rather live in the moment and toast to the beginning.

Yep! i did *pat on back*

Yep! I did *pat on back*

As much as I want to…I can’t leave without slightly touching on what the blog will be about. The reason I choose the word slightly is because everyone who knows me has had an encounter with volatile mind and  I find different things amusing at different times so the following are certainly NOT set on stone. My (plus my lovely UrbanEyezD guest writers) posts will encompass observations of people, urban trends and blog-worthy situations…Oh and a whole lot of reviews and things that seem interesting! There you have it! Yes I have no point of focus but I think that’s just what makes this even greater! So kick of your shoes and grab a mug of hot chocolate/Cold soda (depending on the weather) and well come to URBANEYEZD!

*clicks publish*