On the playlist – My current top 5 songs

Today, we begin a new series: “On the playlist”. Woohoo! It will basically contain the songs that are currently on my playlist.  Below are my current top 5. ( Plus a bonus, because I can’t be brief.

6. Bruises by Chairlift

ake trophies

This song…Such sunshine. Which is probably why it’s  so fit to listen to it on sunny days. I stumbled upon this cute band when i was on a rampage looking for more odd named bands to fill up my playlist and immediately loved them when I heard this song. I’m  in a phase where I have an affinity for 80’s pop/dance music which I think is the reason why I loved this track. It has a light playful constant beat that keeps you tapping your feet and jingle melody in the background that sounds like chimes on a calm day. Their voices just add on to the magic. This song is perfect  when you’re  not taking yourself too seriously. Best line: Don’t have any

5.Trophies by Drake

This  song has such awesome horns at the beginning. It sounds like a kings ushering. Drake does not disappoint too he comes on very aggressive in this track, for those who complain about Drake being too sappy well try this . Listening to this track in the morning leaves you feeling like such a bad-ass champion, king beast…Its horns! Total mood changer. One listen and its bound to keep you on top of your game if not for  the whole day at least for a few minutes.


Best line:   ‘If I was doing this for you Then I have nothing left to prove, nah This for me, though I’m just tryna stay alive and take care of my people’

4.Tough Love by Jessie Ware


Jessie Ware! Love her. I found out about her from one of my favorite shows: New  Girl. �She’s best known for her song wildest moments and She’s great! Anyway back to tough love. This song is pretty stellar. The first time I heard it my eyes widened at the clarity of her voice. Her voice in this song is high pitched making it sound eerie and chilling. Whenever I hear this song I always imagine her singing this song in a dark cave with ice sculptures and cold fog floating around. Its a fairly slow song so feel free to put it on when you need to set a relaxed mood of things. Visit her Soundcloud profile for more of her  songs and their respective remixes.

3. Settle down by The 1975

Sunrays on your skin, Car stereo blared, windows rolled down, quirky sunshades on, perfect music in the background and a cool group of friends. Well for the perfect music part, This song would have to be one of them. It has such groovy beats in the beginning you can’t  help but move at 0:26 when the beat starts. The chorus doesn’t do much for me. I usually just wish them by as I wait for the verse and the head bopping beat to come back on. Best Line:  Whenever the beat starts at the beginning of every verse. Groovy  🙂

2. Two weeks by FKA twigs

I am currently in love with two of her songs , Papi Pacify and Two Weeks. It will be the one I will cover here.   This song has pretty suggestive lyrics so put on some headphones first before you go all ‘turn down for what ‘ on people and end up looking like a pervert. front This song has beautiful  synths that blend so well with her ethereal voice . The song takes you through so many different feels , like the thrill you get when you’re  on roller-coaster, the way you would hold your breath at the top before it makes its way down, is practically the same feeling I get when she plays with short bursts  of words before the chorus comes in with the awaited bass drop. Whenever I listen to it I have to close my eyes since that’s the only way I get to appreciate different aspects of this song. The video  is weird. It had me staring at the screen trying to find out what I’m  watching. I will do a full review of this artist so stay reading  =)

1. If I Lose Myself by Alesso vs. One republic

This song…AMAZEBALLS! I can’t get enough of it! It’s a staple in all of my playlists. I hope it will be the same in yours. I can’t describe this song well enough to give it the justice it deserves. Head over to Sound Cloud and give it a listen. You will know what I’m talking about . Best Line: If I lose myself tonight, it will be by your side. Oh and ..The whole friggin’ song 🙂

Bonus Track: Sweet life (la vie est belle) by Fally Ipupa We love African music so we couldn’t end this list without at least talking about one song that is still stuck on our playlist centuries after its release. The guitar solo at the beginning is sooo good. It’s bound to keep you listening on for a few more seconds. It’s also a great ringtone for those people who don’t think they are too cool to have a song as a ringtone *stares at Andy* I have to warn you though. The English parts of this song are not so good actually there are parts that don’t sound like they are from the English language. Advise: Next time stick to French it sounds much better� and that way you get to give that 9 year old boy who wrote those parts a break to grow up and go up a few more grades so he can write sensible English sentences that are structured well enough to be incorporated in such an awesome beat. Best line: All the French parts 🙂