Don’t Scratch the Lambo.

Hey! Am Andy (a.k.a B.T, Modern Superman,The I.T guy). After continuous pleading and wailing (…Which did quite a number on my ego) I was finally accepted as one of the guest writers here at Urbaneyezd. Due to my over-excitement i wont say much but start getting used to seeing me around quite a bit.

Anyway….Welcome to my first post!


Lusaka is a lot like Nairobi. By that, I mean the car ahead is always a Toyota.

So you can imagine my surprise on seeing a Lamborghini Gallardo in a Lusaka petrol station. 

Now, first off let me address two people. That chap in London thinking “Pssh! Gallardo? I saw a couple of Veneno’s this morning….”
And that arm-chair motoring guru (self proclaimed or otherwise) thinking “Ga… What?? That’s so last century but one!”

Well, you’re right. In the world of super cars, the Gallardo isn’t particularly the avant garde. Not by a long shot.
But! This isn’t super car world. This is sub Saharan Africa. Where having a daily meal is a privilege. What more a car?

So… Given this privileged opportunity, I naturally ogled for a while.  It’s funny. We see these cars all the time on the Internet and TV, but there’s still a certain je ne sais quoi about meeting them in person. ( I’m that guy who personifies cars )

After peeking inside, I gave a rather exaggerated nod of approval to the driver.
I should mention that his reaction wasn’t as enthusiastic. It was immediately clear to me that a Lamborghini  owner doesn’t quite require the opinion of a pedestrian.
Well, once that sunk, I watched him speed off and got back to my lane.

In retrospect, sub Saharan africa super car sightings are getting more and more common. With GTRs, SLS AMGs in Nairobi,  Ferrari’s in Lagos and more Lambos in Dar, I feel more motivated to go to work. So I pay my taxes. So that sons and daughters of important people in government buy super cars to grace our bad roads. That could have been built for less than the price of the car.
But, I digress.
So that we have more posts like this.

In fact, I’m off to work….


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