The Morning Bus

PS: The comments in italics and the strike-throughs are by my super cool buddy – who proof reads my blog posts. ( Thanks B.T. ).

I thought it’s a great idea to post with his comments, rather than edit the post.  Enjoy…..



I have a love-hate relationship with mornings. I hate the act of having to get out of bed to do anything…iI really mean ANYTHING.

There is something about morning bus rides that I find so fascinating though. There is an energy that I get in the morning whenever I get closer to our dusty bus terminal that makes me pumped. If there was a theme song to this part of the day it would have to be Midnight City by M83…This song just does things to you in the morning that wouldn’t happen at any other time of the day, it. It never gets old.

There’s a sense of togetherness each time I get into the bus…I give out the ‘oh you had to get up at five too’ stares to a couple of people before i get a seat preferably next to a person than ( I don’t know why you say that. Also, I don’t know whether it’s wrong or not 🙂 )a window. If I don’t find anyone at the double seat I purposely seat sit at the edge waiting for a chubby looking person to get in, who I hurriedly poke before anyone seizes the opportunity before me and sign that s/he should take the window seat ( you’re that weird person who nobody wants to sit with ). When they take a seat, I lay back, close my eyes with a slight grin knowing that I just got my companion for the next two hours. I will let you in on why you need a chubby bus mate not only because I’m a good Christian but since I believe sharing is caring. ( LOL )

I strongly believe your seat mate can either make or break your morning bus ride. Chubby seatmates ( OK, you just invented a word ) block the annoying window breeze, you get to steal their body heat ( eeh.. What?? ) , and when you eventually doze off and your body loses all restraint they are quite cosy to ‘accidentally’ fall asleep on. If you’re already chubby don’t take this advice hence else you find yourself fanning your body the whole bus ride, plus am I’m sure one of you will spill out of the seat and nobody likes paying for one thigh. So for you, just get into the bus with your head held high and wait for the poke. I repeat DO NOT do the poking!

Everyone seems to work together in order to get you to work on time. The energy of people in the morning is at its best. Kenyans are quite the hard working and focused lot…In the mornings. *grins* Starting from the bus guys who tell you which buses will get you to the city on time. (P.S They are never to be trusted), The drivers who drive as though they personally know w your awful boss ( ssshh… Don’t talk bad about your boss. )  and know the urgency you’re in to get to work on time, The police who, if the above have issues find a solution to get the people to the city then come back and deal with issues and so on.

I personally love old buses, not the ‘chipped paint, still struggling to look cool’ ones, No I like the ‘about to stop in the middle of the road, roll back and stop in a ditch’ kinda old buses. Old buses let you do anything, they give you an endless opportunities to do things, listen to music, sing out loud ( eeh.. You do that????? ), talk on the phone for ages, start up a random conversation with a stranger, listen to the random preacher who hops on and makes the old rickety bus into a moving church (ensure you don’t seat sit directly under the preacher though.  Lol that’s when ‘champagne showers’ easily turns to ‘saliva showers’), I mean practically anything. I meant it when I said ENDLESS list of opportunities! Those buses push my good buttons; make me leave the bus smiling like I’m from meditation session (add that to things you can still do in an old bus).

The sad thing though about my old buses is they really suck if you’re in a hurry, they move as though the tires are made of bricks so unless you are in the mood of being driven around like your sightseeing I recommended you jump on the newer versions. So for this reason and this reason only, I prefer keeping those little gems for the evening ride back home.

I find bus rides an adventure I get to experience each morning and till my measly little salary gets bumped up a few notches, an experience I will keep on having.


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