My first post!


Am Angela. As long as you’re not referring to grave issues that include life and death situations i usually just go by Angie. I am a serious observer of nothing and everything in the urban hemisphere hence the name UrbanEyezD (Eyes being the point of focus)!

I don’t like first blog posts. I think they put unnecessary pressure on the blogger given the fact that they are a free token for your readers to judge whether your blog is worth reading or not…oh and don’t forget the ‘this is the best time your given to leave a lasting impression’ advice. Its like the dreadful feeling you get when you walk into an interview room full of senior experts with a list of long accomplishments judging your every move. No, and the worst part isn’t done yet! The worst thing about first blog posts is that they are so nerve wrecking and sadly the only people who read it are you and probably a family member who you force to sit and read it (while giving them the stink eye in case of bad comments) so you can at least have a few numbers on your stats bars in order to convince yourself you’re not a total loser.

Well I wont put myself through that! I, on the other hand will congratulate myself for finally starting this blog which I honestly kept pushing due to widely known and accepted reasons (I will let your mind run free on that). I think this will be a journey and for now I would rather live in the moment and toast to the beginning.

Yep! i did *pat on back*

Yep! I did *pat on back*

As much as I want to…I can’t leave without slightly touching on what the blog will be about. The reason I choose the word slightly is because everyone who knows me has had an encounter with volatile mind and  I find different things amusing at different times so the following are certainly NOT set on stone. My (plus my lovely UrbanEyezD guest writers) posts will encompass observations of people, urban trends and blog-worthy situations…Oh and a whole lot of reviews and things that seem interesting! There you have it! Yes I have no point of focus but I think that’s just what makes this even greater! So kick of your shoes and grab a mug of hot chocolate/Cold soda (depending on the weather) and well come to URBANEYEZD!

*clicks publish*


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